Guidelines on Leave Application and Approval


  1. All employees must have Letran Intranet Account.
  2. Leave application must be filed on-line using the Letran Intranet account.
  3. Approval / Disapproval of leave application shall be done by the department / division head via the Letran Intranet Portal.
  4. Sick leave application must be filed within three (3) working days upon reporting for work. The department / division head must approve the filed SL within two (2) working days. No action from the department/ division head shall mean automatic approval.
  5. For sick leave covering three or more days, the employee must show a medical certificate to his department / division head and submit the same to the HRD.
  6. Vacation leave application must be filed at least three (3) working days before the scheduled leave. It must be approved at least two (2) days before the intended VL. No action from the department / division head shall automatically mean approval.
  7. Emergency leave application shall be filed a day upon reporting for work. The department / division head shall be given two (2) working days to take action on the filed EL. No action shall mean automatic approval.
  8. Cancellation of application for VL must be done at least a day before the filed VL. The employee must proceed to HRD to fill-out the leave cancellation slip.
  9. Intention to reschedule the filed VL must be approved by the department head. If approved, the employee must cancel the filed VL and must re-file the VL based on the new schedule.


  • Step 1. The employee logs-on to the Letran Intranet Portal ( using his secured account and applies for leave (SL/VL/EL). Once applied, leave application is tagged with “on process” as application status.
  • Step 2. The system notifies the concerned department head through the Letran E-mail System (user
  • Step 3. The department / division head logs-on to the Letran Intranet Portal ( using his secured account.
  • Step 4. The department / division head clicks the option “Approved” or “Disapproved”- this action constitutes the electronic approval or disapproval of the leave applied. Once an action is taken, leave application is tagged with either “approved” or “disapproved” application status.
  • Step 5. Once “approved” action is taken, the leave application is immediately recorded in the 201 File System. Consequently, leave credits are automatically updated. Otherwise, leave application is ONLY recorded in the leave application history file.